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The Newest Green New Deal: A Socialists Wish List

Another week, another climate plan put forth by Democratic presidential candidates. However, this one has outdone the others. Bernie Sanders released his version of the Green New Deal, and it’s evident that this “deal” is simply the newest wish list set forth by socialist democrats. As with the other plans, this one reiterates that democrats simply believe that everything is going to be provided by the government and free for Americans. But, as the adage goes, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

At its core, the Green New Deal put forth by Sanders, like the original one, is less about the environment and more about the government having control and destroying the economy in the process.

Sanders’s plan to save the environment will also conveniently, end unemployment by creating 20 million unionized jobs. And the price tag? A mere $16.3 trillion that “will pay for itself over 15 years.” Yeah right…

His plan, when printed, is over 35 pages, so here’s the short version of the wish list.

By 2030, all transportation and electricity will be 100% renewable energy. This will result in “virtually free” electricity by 2035 for all Americans.

To ensure that businesses are complying with the plan, Sanders says the Treasury and the Environmental Protection Agency would “monitor investments and actions made around the globe” and impose sanctions as they see fit.

His plan will bring together leaders of the world and redirect the funds spent on weapons of mass destruction and wars to combat the climate crisis and “lead the planet in a wholesale shift away from militarism.”

Additionally, this plan will help families and companies switch to electric vehicles, will help “transform their lawns into food-producing or reforested spaces” and expand food stamps, including providing free school meals for all students.

These are just the basics; the list goes on, and on, and on…

But, when we snap out of this fantasy plan, we remember that nothing is free or will be simply provided for us. The $16.3 trillion will not pay for itself; taxing corporations and the creation of 20 million jobs will not cover this cost. Inevitably, taxpayers will be expected to pick up the cost.

Procuring the environment is important. But launching a new, expensive big-government program which aims to control more than conserve is not the solution.

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